New EP


18. October

Studio 104



New EP Out!

Hey friends, here comes urban reggae music by Open Season! The new EP "All Eyes On You" is produced by Sven Ludwig from Cologne and KG from Bern. On top, it features a re-edit of the pre-single "Beyond My Wildest Dreams" by Dabu and Skibe from Zurich. We are ready, now it's all eyes on you - see you at the shows!


Is it dub, indie dancehall, or tribal pop? With their urban reggae music, Open Season transcends the limits of common genres. The songs catch you, they’re vibrant, sometimes dark, always good to dance to. Deep drums roar beneath bright synthesizers and quarter-tone sounds from India, live horns lend an edge to the dry beats, the tunes make you want to sing along. You’re invited to the band’s favorite bar where time stands still at night, to a bike ride past the city’s big grey cars, to a tour on the beach where the beer is chilled and the sand stays warm all night…

The band decided to remain independent and work with friends – for the new EP with producers Sven Ludwig (OK Kid, Xul Zolar, Max Mutzke) from Cologne, KG from Bern, Dabu and Skibe from Zürich. At their live shows nothing matters but the crowd, the night and the music. In every show Open Season proves that anyone can set their own limits and that life can be more colorful.




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