Open Season feat. Guillaume Hoarau

«Stand Together (Tous Ensemble)» is the song that kicks off the 2016 summer soccer games. It’s an ode to team spirit and the solidarity of people from near and far, an invitation to dance in the streets and celebrate warm summer nights. It’s also a statement of fearlessness. Open Season delivers the energy and contagious rhythm and Guillaume Hoarau contributes a chorus that stays in heads and hearts. May the summer be long, the games spectacular and the unity borderless!


Welcome to BOOMBAY! This is better than Shangri-La and Utopia together, it’s the place where we dance to thrilling synths, reggae, and dancehall until we sweat bullets; it's the place where Open Season plays. Forget about your daily routine- it’s the place where you can get down, where girls enter the boxing ring, and where boys spit fire. Open Season are back from a trip to India, they brought back electrifying dance music, and are ready to mash up the clubs.

The latest album “Boombay” was produced with lots of pumping bass by Arschtritt Lindgren from Stuttgart / Berlin, and is available starting November 7 for free download or as a classy LP and digipack CD. The songs are about the red sun in a yellow sky, drunk elephants and dancing leopards, departure into the unknown, and the magical moment at a bar between too late and too early. Boombay is far away from segregating propaganda, it’s the place where strangers greet each other and drink beer together. This is exuberant Carribean-Indian bass music, a Swiss take on M.I.A. and Major Lazer, this is BOOMBAY!

Open Season is the opposite of a casting show. They travel in order to set houses on fire, they are their own roadies, have stayed independent, and they love what they do. In 14 years of band history their music has evolved and become more electronic and danceable. What remains are euphoric concerts without compromise with the full eight-piece live band. Get ready and look forward to wild nights in Boombay!




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